Onboarding for your coworking space app

Prepare for an amazing journey with andcards: set up your app, elevate workspaces, connect integrations.

Once you sign up with andcards, your next step is to customize your web app and prepare for branded mobile apps (if it’s included in your subscription plan). Before making any changes look at two main concepts introduced in your app:


There are two levels of making changes in your app: changes on the level of product and changes on the level of workspace.

Product — it’s your entire app that can include many workspaces. Editing the product influences the whole app appearance (logo, background color, accent color, etc.) and operations (app-level integrations). Changes of the web app on the product level are applied asap and always influence the branded mobile apps. Such changes can be done only by the Product Administrator.

Workspace — it’s only one part of your app that identifies a certain location and helps to manage it. Editing the workspace influences only one of the locations that you have and allows you to add as many rooms as you want, invite members, assign plans only to members of a certain location. Changes in the workspace are possible by any workspace administrator and are applied asap on web apps and on mobile apps.

Learn more: compare administrator role.

Step 1: Set Up The App

Please note that only a Product Administrator can do it. To check who is your Product Administrator navigate to Product Settings > General > view the name under the “Product Administrator” section.

  • Logo, Custom Domain, Privacy Policy:

Navigate to the app > (...) menu at the top right > Product Settings > General > “Edit”. Upload logo, set up custom domain, and enter privacy policy URL.

  • Appearance:

Customize color accent and background gradient in Product Settings > Appearance. If your plan includes branded mobile apps, then the customization of your web app applies to mobile apps as well once they are developed.

  • App-level integrations:

Google Analytics — understand how users interact with your web application.
Intercom — take advantage of Intercom's powerful messaging and automation platform.
Zendesk — sync Zendesk and report issues through your web and mobile apps.
Twilio — connect your app to customers on any digital channel.

  • Add necessary workspaces:

Navigate to the main page of the app > (...) at the top right > Add Workspace. Once a Product Administrator adds a workspace, he/she automatically becomes the administrator of this workspace.

Step 2: Set Up Your Workspace

  • Workspace-level integrations:

Connect workspace-level integrations in Settings of a particular workspace. First of all, make sure to connect the payment gateaway in your app.

  • General Settings:

Navigate to Settings > General and enable Billing (to process payments for plans via the app), Credits (to use credits for member retention and as a unique internal currency), state biling and bank account details to help users recognize your business on bills and receipts. Enable Taxes if needed.

  • Enable the modules:

Go through Settings to set up every module ( Rooms, Desks, Stream, etc.) Disable modules you will launch later. Explore the visibility settings.

  • Adjust Information page:

Add all the information you want your members know about your coworking space on Information page. Press Edit and change the name of your workspace, add general description, physical address, links to your website, rules and policies.

Step 3: Set Up Every Module


Plan what meaning you will give to credits: hours or money. We recommend 1 ⭐ = 1 monetary unit because you will be able to differentiate prices by room and sell extra credits.





Benefits and Services



Step 4: Onboard Your Members

  • Invite members: learn about all ways on how to do it here.
  • Create companies. Choose company managers.
  • Assign plans to members and companies.
  • Expose your applications on your marketing website

In case of any questions, feel free to reach out to us via the Help button in your web app: (...) at the top right > Help > choose chat or email. Please note that the “Help” button is available only on web app and mobile branded apps (if they are included in your subscription plan).