Add a room

To add a meeting room, board room, or event hall to andcards, follow these steps:

  1. Open Rooms and press + in the top right corner.
  2. Fill in room details:
    1. Room photo in 2x1 format.
    2. Name — the name of the meeting room.
    3. Seats — the quantity of spaces for people to occupy.
    4. Availability increments — the frequency of available time for room booking. It shows up as a step on booking.
    5. Minimum booking time.
    6. Maximum booking time.
    7. Preparation time — the period of time that will be reserved between bookings.
    8. Refund Threshold — the period of no-refund time if a booking is deleted before it starts.
    9. Description — any details about the room you want members to see on the app.
    10. Credits, ⭐/hr — if Credit System is enabled, the amount of credits required to book one hour.
    11. Price, $/hr — the amount of your local currency required to book one hour. The $ symbol will be replaced with a symbol of your local currency.
    12. Abandoned Booking Protection — automatic removal of ghost bookings from the room's calendar if nobody checks in.
    13. Limited Access — limitation of room visibility to selected companies.
    14. Visibility
  3. Press Save in the top right corner.

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