Sync members with SaltoKS

SaltoKS is a manufacturer of cloud-based access control solutions for shared workspaces of any size. SaltoKS solutions enable:

  • Access users, roles, and rights management.
  • Granting specific access at certain times and days, giving temporary passes, and defining the doors.
  • Analytics with 24/7 activity feed to track all events.
  • Remote opening.
  • Mobile key with the SaltoKS mobile app

SaltoKS integration allows to register users automatically and in real-time from your coworking space app into SaltoKS dashboard.

How to enable SaltoKS integration

To enable SaltoKS with andcards follow these steps:

  • Open your app and go to Settings > Integrations > SaltoKS.
  • Press Connect and give permission to connect SaltoKS with andcards.
  • Press Edit button on the top right of the integration page and select a Site. You will see all SaltoKS sites where you have an administrator role. By default no site is selected.

How SaltoKS integration works

Your coworking space app users will be registered in your SaltoKS dashboard automatically and in real-time. The following information is synchronized:

  • Full Name as alias
  • Email

SaltoKS user options such as mobile key need to be manually enabled for every user in SaltoKS dashboard.

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