Sync members with SUPREMA BioStar 2

SUPREMA is a manufacturer of BioStar 2 web-based security platform that enables access control and time & attendance at a coworking space. SUPREMA solutions enable:

  • Visitor management
  • Door control, graphic map, server matching, video logs, image logs, and audit trail
  • Time & attendance reports and timesheet calendar view
  • Mobile unlock (NFC, BLE) with the BioStar 2 Mobile app

SUPREMA integration allows to register users automatically and in real-time from your coworking space app into BioStar 2 dashboard.

How to enable SUPREMA integration

Send the following information to andcards support:

  • Your BioStar 2 dashboard address
  • Login and password

How SUPREMA integration works

Your coworking space app users will be registered in your BioStar 2 dashboard automatically and in real-time. The following information is synchronized: full name and email. 

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