Set up subdomain for web app

andcards web app can operate on your own subdomain.

What is subdomain?

A subdomain is an additional part to your main domain name. For example, or are subdomains of the domain name. To access andcards web app from your own subdomain, select a word for the subdomain. Some common choices:

  • members
  • portal
  • community
  • residents
  • app
  • miembros

How to set up a subdomain

Product Administrator can go to Product Settings > General, press "Edit" top right and type the subdomain of choice in the "Custom Domain" field. Press "Save."

Then follow the steps to make it work on your side:

  1. Login to your domain registrar account.
  2. Open DNS control panel.
  3. Create a new record with the following data:
Name: the-word-of-your-choice
TTL: leave default value

Double check the correctness of the data. Instructions for common registrars:

How to verify the setup

Open your subdomain in a browser window. It should redirect to your web app immediately. If it doesn't, wait for up to 24 hours and try again.

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