Chat with members via Intercom

What is Intercom

Intercom is a customer messaging platform. Intercom integration with your coworking space app allows the following:

  1. Workspace members can chat with your front desk or support team. You receive their messages into Intercom Inbox.
  2. Your workspace managers can start conversations and chat with any customer. Customers receive messages and reply with your apps.
  3. Customer data is synchronized into Intercom Platform. You can see customer's name, email, last online status, client language, and other information supported by Intercom Platform.
  4. Enable Articles, Operator, and all other functionality of Intercom. 

How to enable Intercom integration

First, open your Intercom account. Then collect and send the following information to andcards support:

  1. Basic JavaScript for logged-in users  from Settings > Installation > Web
  2. iOS API Key  from Settings > Installation > iOS
  3. Android API Key from Settings > Installation > Android

How to configure Intercom integration

You can change the look, location, and behavior of the widget on Intercom website. Mobile app button location is not customizable.

To enable push notifications, follow these steps:

  • Upload .pem  file to Settings > Installation > iOS. The changes normally take effect immediately.
  • Copy-paste a code to Settings > Installation > Android. The changes normally take effect from the next mobile app release.

Both the iOS .pem  file and Android code are provided by andcards team.


Intercom can only be enabled on custom branded mobile apps.

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