Invite a member

To access your coworking app, members need to be invited. There are several ways to invite members to join.

Individual Invite (manual)

Send individual invites to join to a handful of members:

  1. Open Community > Members
  2. Press Individual Invite.
  3. Fill in the details and press Send Invitation.

The member will receive an email to activate the account. If no email comes, check spam folder. If you received a request to join your app, use this method to invite a member.

Mass Invite (manual)

Upload a Microsoft® Excel® file to invite multiple members at once. This method is best for inviting large quantities of members or during onboarding.

  1. Open Community > Members
  2. Press Mass Invite.
  3. Press Download Template to download a sample file to fill in.
  4. Copy-paste your member personal information into the template file.
  5. Press Upload File to upload the file you filled. 

If the file didn't contain any errors, all members will receive an email to activate the account.

Zapier (automated)

Build a custom registration for your members or connect a CRM to invite members automatically. andcards offers Invite Member action and Find or Create Member search on Zapier to let you invite members automatically by passing personal information from any other app. See examples of automations here: 

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