Grant access with Proxy

Proxy is creating a unique identity signal for every person on the planet that incorporates their privileges, preferences, and context to augment how they interact with the world around them. Today, leading companies like Uber, WeWork, and Boston Properties deploy Proxy to enable mobile access and create personalized workplace and building experiences for employees and tenants.

andcards integration with Proxy improves coworking space tenant experience by granting users instant physical access to the workspace.

How to enable Proxy integration

To enable Proxy with andcards follow these steps:

  • Open Proxy Docs and press Create App.
  • Type App Name, select all organizations you want to connect with andcards, and press Save App. Copy and paste the App Secret Key in your notes, because it's shown only once.
  • Press View App Details and copy necessary Organization ID and App Key.
  • Go to Proxy Dashboard > All Sites, select a site and copy Site ID.
  • Go to All People > Groups and copy the name of the group you want to use with andcards. 
  • Fill in Proxy Activation Request form with all the information you copied in previous steps.

How Proxy integration works

Your coworking space app users will be registered in your Proxy dashboard automatically and in real-time. The following information is synchronized:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

Email invitation is enabled by default for all users. Right after invitation to your coworking app, users will receive an email with instructions on how to use Proxy.

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