Use room display mode

andcards comes with a built-in meeting room display mode. It shows meeting room availability at a distance. Read about room display mode on our website.

How room display works

Room display mode signals room availability by tinting the background color of the tablet.

  • Green if a meeting room is available for booking. The free time until the next booking should be larger than the minimum time for a booking set in room settings.
  • Yellow if a meeting room will become available in less than 60 minutes.
  • Red if a meeting room will be unavailable for the next 60 minutes.

Current and upcoming bookings will show up on the display and include a full name of a booker, meeting title, and a booking time.

If you enabled abandoned booking protection, the room display will show a "Check In" button according to the times you picked in room settings.

Scanning the QR code takes users to the booking calendar in the web or mobile application.

Enter room display mode

  1. Open your coworking app on a supported tablet. It works on most iOS and Android tablets with the display size 7 inch or larger.
  2. Go to Rooms and select a corresponding room.
  3. Press Maximize button in the top right corner of the page.

Important! Room display mode is available to administrators only. To prevent strangers from shutting down the app and reopening into your administrative account, set up Guided Access on iPad or Screen Pinning on Android tablets.

Exit room display mode

  1. Make sure you have access to the email for the account that was used to set up the room display mode.
  2. Long press on the left side of the screen until a pop up shows.
  3. Type the login code that you received to your email.

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