Use membership plans

A membership plan, or simply "plan," can be assigned to an individual member or a company and allows for the following:

  • Keep a track of a membership type, start and end dates.
  • Give credits automatically.
  • Automate billing.
  • Permit members to include usage-based expenses into an upcoming bill.
  • Grant and remove Kisi door access.

How to assign a plan?

Follow these steps to assign a plan:

  1. Go to Community > Companies or Members.
  2. Open a profile and locate "Plan" section. Press Assign.
  3. Configure the plan:
    1. Plan name — type any text for your reference. The plan name will appear on Community overview, company bill transactions, and company pages.
    2. Start — starting day when the plan will come into effect.
    3. Period — the interval of plan validity, such as day, week, or month.
    4. Repeat — choose whether the plan never repeats, repeats several months, or repeats forever.
    5. Credits — the amount of temporary credits that will be given to a company every period. These credits expire at the end of every period. Credits must be enabled in Settings for this option to show up.
    6. Discount — offer a lower price to book rooms and desks, purchase event tickets and services.
    7. Price — the membership fee for period. Billing must be enabled in Settings for this option to show up.
    8. Add to Bill — enable for automatic inclusion of the price into bills. See Use billing for details.
    9. Auto-Ready for Payment — finalize bills automatically and alert members to pay.
    10. Company Bill or Personal Bill — a bill becomes available as a payment method. See Use billing for details.
    11. Kisi Group — grant access to a certain Kisi group for as long as a plan is active.
  4. Press Assign.

You can also create plans to quickly assign by selecting from a dropdown menu. To do that, go to Community > (...) menu > Plans and create your plans.

How to edit a plan?

Follow these steps to change a plan:

  1. Go to Community > Companies or Members.
  2. Open a profile and locate "Plan" section. Press the plan button.

  3. Make your changes. All changes except "Credits" and "Price" take effect immediately. Any changes to "Credits" and "Price" take effect starting the next plan period.

How to deactivate a plan?

Follow these steps to change a plan:

  1. Go to Community > Companies or Members.
  2. Open a profile and locate "Plan" section. Tap the plan button, scroll to bottom and press Deactivate.
  3. When you deactivate a plan, all temporary credits immediately disappear.

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