How to contact support and share feedback

To contact support with any requests or suggestions, please follow the steps below.

On web app, press the "More" icon top right and select "Help" option:

On your branded mobile app, press the "More" icon top left and select "Help" option:

Help widget is not available on andcards-branded apps.

If the nature of your request requires our real-time attention, please use the "Chat" option (sometimes may not be available). In all other cases please select "Email" and fill in the simple form:

  • Request Type
    • Feedback — use this option to send us all your ideas, suggestions, feature requests, and any other feedback you have.
    • Product Support — for questions related to the existing capabilities of your product or if something doesn't work as you expected.
    • Billing — questions about your subscription plan, invoices, and payment methods.
    • Other — any other topic that doesn't fall into any of the above categories.
  • Business Impact. We understand that you'd love to get our response as soon as possible. Realistic self-evaluation of the impact your request has on your business will help us provide the highest quality response in the shortest possible time

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