Integrate with Kisi

Your coworking software integrates with Kisi and allows to:

  • Grant access to doors.
  • Link plans with access groups.
  • Unlock doors with andcards.

How to enable Kisi integration

To enable Kisi with andcards follow these steps:

  • Open your app and go to Settings > Kisi.
  • Enter your Kisi administrator credentials and press Connect.
  • Press Edit button next to "Account" section to reveal the integration settings:
    • Place — select the right Kisi place to synchronize all your members (see "Grant access to doors" below).
    • Access — enable in-app Kisi door unlocking (see "Unlock doors with andcards" below)
    • Visibility — select who can see the "Access" page. Understand and use visibility settings.
    • Sync — enable Kisi sync.

Grant access to doors

Once you enable sync, all your members will be registered in your Kisi place automatically and in real-time. The following information is synchronized:

  • First and last name.
  • Email.

Once a member is registered on Kisi, they get an email from Kisi with instructions on using their account. Members must sign in or create an account.

Link plans with access groups

You can grant access to your space based on a plan to simplify access management and ensure only paying members can unlock doors. To link access group to a member or a company follow the steps below.

  1. Open Community > select a company or member.
  2. If plan is already assigned select it. If not, press Assign.
  3. Find "Kisi Group" section at the bottom of the "Assign plan" page.
  4. Press Save

If you add a company member, they get access according to the company plan's Kisi group. If plan expires, individual member or company members are removed from the associated Kisi group.

IMPORTANT! If you disconnect Kisi account from andcards, plans will be disassociated from Kisi groups. If you change Kisi account email or password, your andcards-Kisi integration will also stop working. If you plan to change Kisi account details, please reach out to us, and we will do our best to assist you in a seamless migration.

Kisi Group setting in plans (left) and Access page to unlock doors with andcards (right).

Unlock doors with andcards

If you enable "Access" in Kisi integration settings, your members will see a new Access page on the main app screen. This page allows members to log in with Kisi, view and unlock doors using your andcards app. Members must create a Kisi account upon receiving the first email from Kisi, then:

  1. Open Access page and log in with Kisi account. The Kisi account will be associated with andcards user account across all platforms (web app, iOS, Android).
  2. Tap any lock to unlock doors.

The Kisi accounts with 2-factor authentication are not supported.

Got an idea or comment about this integration? Contact support to share your feedback.