How to use visitor display

Your visitors use the visitor display to check in and out, and request host's approval. 

Preregistered Visitors

Preregistered visitors get a 6-digit visit code by email. The code is used to check in or check out (if applicable). If the code is lost, the host can look it up on Visitors page.

Visitors tap Check In  and confirm to have a visit code.

Visitors enter a 6-digit visit code.

If the visit code is valid, the visitor display shows confirmation of the visit.

If the visit code is invalid or expired, the visitor display shows error message.

Visitors Without Preregistration

Visitors without preregistration use visitor display to self-register and request member's approval. Visitors select "No" when asked if they have a visit code and proceed to create a visit request.

Visitors must enter the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number (optional)
  • Email (mandatory)
  • Host — search for all members to select visit request approver

Upon submission of the visit request on the tablet, the selected host gets a push notification prompting to approve the visit. 

  • If a visit is approved, the visitor will receive an email with a visit code. 
  • If a visit is rejected, the visitor is notified by email.

Check Out

If enabled, visitors can check out at the reception by entering the visit code. Checking out adds a timestamp to the visit.

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