Add a workspace

If you are running multiple locations, you can add them as separate workspaces to andcards. Each workspace has a separate community, currency, language, settings, and administrators.

Add a workspace

Only product administrator can add workspaces. To check if you are a product administrator, open Product Settings page by pressing "More" icon at the top of the main page.

Then follow the steps below to add a workspace.

  • Press "More" button top right and select Add workspace.
  • Enter workspace details: 
    • Name — the name of your workspace.
    • Language — the default workspace language as used for newly invited members.
    • Timezone — the timezone of the workspace.
    • Currency — a currency used for all prices in the workspace.
  • Press Add.

Workspace sorting

Workspaces are sorted alphabetically on the main screen in order of priority:

  1. Workspaces where a user has an administrator role.
  2. Workspaces where a user has a member role.
  3. All other workspaces.

Edit a workspace

To modify your workspace settings follow the steps below.

  • Open Information page of the workspace and press Edit.
  • Make your changes and press Save.

If the property you want to change isn't available on Information page, contact us to change it.

Delete a workspace

For this action, you need to have access to the app as a product administrator and a workspace administrator of this location: learn more. To delete a workspace, navigate to Settings > (...)menu at the top right > press on "Delete Workspace". 

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