Get started with your workspace

We've created this 'Get Started' guide to help you set up your workspace, and then build on the basics. There are lots of ways to save time and provide excellent service to members in andcards.

1. Set Up Your Web Application

Total time: 10 minutes

You'll need:

  • Your business's brand materials (square logo, colors).
  • Access to your domain name's control panel to set up a custom subdomain.
  • Your business's privacy policy URL.
  • Short welcome message for members.
  • Your Google Analytics, Zendesk, Intercom integration details.
Start by opening your web application. If you forgot the web app URL,  log in to andcards here.
Then go to Product Settings and customize the product's look, set up subdomain and top level integrations:

If you purchased the branded mobile apps add-on, you can start preparing for branded mobile apps as soon as your web application is all set.

💡 Tip: Every step below can be completed using your web application as well as andcards or custom branded mobile apps.

2. Set Up Your Workspace

Total time: 10 minutes

You'll need: 

  • Your business's billing and bank details.
  • Local sales or VAT tax rate.

andcards comes with a multitude of features and integrations for many dimensions of your business. Go through the Settings of your workspace to set general settings, disable features you'll launch later, and connect integrations.

3. Set Up Modules

Total time: 30 minutes

You'll need: 

  • General information about the workspace, such as address, website, community guidelines URL, Wi-Fi password, refund policy, etc.
  • Relevant content for every module you enable. For example, if you enable Rooms, you'll need room names, pricing, photos, descriptions.

Start with the Information page—it helps your customers recognize what workspace and application they're using, get your address, Wi-Fi password, and other general information.

Then work your way through every module you've enabled. Make sure there are no empty pages or loose ends. To minimize the chances your customers stumble upon an empty page, add at least one piece of content to every module: rooms, desks, Stream, events, benefits, and services.

💡 Tip: To test what your web app looks like, invite yourself as a member using an alternative email address, and use an incognito mode or a different browser to log in.

Note: Some features, like room display or visitor display require a companion tablet.

4. Invite Members

Total time: 20 minutes

You'll need: 

  • Spreadsheet with members's name, email, and other relevant information.

If your tenants are companies, go to Community and create them. Assign company plans right away, so that company members get immediate access to credits and billing upon account activation.

Individual members need to be invited to the application. andcards offers multiple ways to invite members:

  • If you've not launched your business yet, you can just familiarize yourself with all the ways you can invite a member. Try inviting your team members to test the system.
  • If you're upgrading to andcards with less than a few dozens of members, we recommend asking them to request to join. 
  • If you have many members already, prepare a spreadsheet for the "Mass Invite" feature to invite them all at once.

5. Discover the Help Center

Time: 5 minutes

andcards Help Center is your go to place for:

  • Contacting support by leaving a message or chatting in real-time.
  • Sharing feedback with andcards.
  • Finding answers on a wide range of topics.

How to contact support or leave feedback

Don't forget to say hi to us. 👋  We're always here to help!

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