Add a benefit

To add a benefit to andcards, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Benefits page. If you don't see such page, go to Settings > Benefits and enable the feature.
  2. Create a benefit category. (...) menu top right > Create Category. Categories are used to group services by type.
  3. Press  See All in front of the category name to open the category page.
  4. Press  + top right. this will open the New Benefit page. Add benefit details:
    1. Benefit cover photo in 2x1 format.
    2. Title — the title of the benefit.
    3. Subtitle — a short summary of benefit that appears below its name on button.
    4. Description — any details about the benefit you want members to see on the app. You can make text bold, italic and include links using markdown.
    5. Category — specify which category the benefit belongs.
    6. Featured — if enabled, the benefit will be prominently pinned at the top of the Benefits page.
    7. Limited Workspaces — select which workspaces can access the benefit.
    8. Visibility
    9. Application Type — select how can members get the benefit:
      1. No application (default) — no application is necessary. No call to action will be displayed.
      2. Free — application for this benefit is totally free and allows you to send a confirmation email with your text to all the members who apply for this. Specify various options related to CTA (call to action) button label, application allowance, provider and manager emails to send application details, and contents of the confirmation email sent to applicants (if enabled).
      3. Link — members are redirected to a certain URL upon pressing the call to action button.
  5. Press Save in the top right corner.

    Workspace administrators can view all Benefits Applications of their members: Services > press the "List" icon top right. The following data upon every application is available:
  • Name of the service
  • Date and time of application
  • Applicant's name

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