Pay by bill

There are two ways to pay by a personal or company bill: manual and automatic.

Manual Payment

Manual payment is required if a member or a company have no default payment method on Membership > Payment Methods page.

When bill is ready for payment the following notifications are sent:

Channel Personal Bill Company Bill
Push on mobile and web app Member Company Managers
Email Member Company Managers and company's email
Persistent Widget Tile Member Company Managers

An example of a persistent widget with a notification to pay by company bill.

All notifications include a link to Membership > Bills > bill's payment page. On this page a member can enter their bank card details and complete the payment. Optionally, a member can save the card as default payment method for future automatic payment collection.

An example of an option to save the card as default for bills.

Automatic Payment

If there is a default payment method on file, as soon as the bill is ready for payment, the system would process the payment automatically. A member (personal bill) or company managers and company's email (company bill) are notified that the payment is complete. The notification includes a link to the bill details page with an option to view the bill PDF.

An example of a paid bill with an option to view PDF.

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