Accept payments with PayBox

PayBox integration allows you to receive payments in your coworking space app.

Connect PayBox

To activate PayBox send your  paybox_merchant_id ("Номер магазина") and paybox_merchant_secret ("Секретный ключ на прием") (documentation) to paybox_merchant_id is a unique number of your store (website), obtainable in PayBox cabinet > Settings ("Настройки") > Stores ("Магазины") > My stores ("Мои магазины").

Configure PayBox

You can activate payments for the following things:

  • Room bookings.
  • Desk bookings.
  • Event passes.
  • Services.
  • Bills.

By default we activate all points of sale, but if you prefer to disable some, contact us.

How PayBox Works

The integration adds a new payment method "Card" to the "Payment Methods" section around your app. Members selecting the "Card" payment method are redirected into PayBox payment page and can use any of the payment methods you enabled for your account.

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