Compare administrator roles

There are two kinds of administrators in your app: 

  • A product administrator is responsible for managing the product and is a single point of contact for andcards in your organization. The product administrator can be only be transferred to another administrator (of a location). There can only be one product administrator per account. 
  • An administrator is responsible for managing a location.

The product administrator and location administrator roles are completely unrelated and have different sets of permissions. 

The product administrator can: 

  • Create or delete locations.
  • Change Product Settings
  • Connect app-level integrations (ex. Google Analytics, Intercom, Zendesk)
  • Use Customer Portal

When a product administrator creates a new location, they become an administrator of this location by default. Assign administrator role to someone else.

To check who has a product administrator's role, navigate to the main page of your app > locate Product Settings page on the left panel on the web or (...) menu top right on the mobile > General

The administrator can: 

  • Manage the location.
  • Invite members.
  • Create and manage rooms, desks, events, services, and other objects. 
  • Edit location on the Information page

To check who has an administrator's role, navigate to Community > choose "Members" tab and find members with a star shield label next to their name. 

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