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About andcards Suite

andcards Suite is the best coworking space membership software. Key features:

  • Meeting room booking system

  • Membership plan system

  • Member directory

  • Community feed

Read more about andcards Suite features. When you visit andcards Suite enabled coworking spaces, join them on andcards Suite.

Getting andcards Suite

Please email to and we'll help you set up andcards Suite at your coworking space.

Download andcards Suite

andcards Suite is available for:

You can log in to andcards from as many of your devices as you like — all at the same time. Just use log in method everywhere. If you want to see all devices you are logged in, check out Active Sessions page in Settings.

Login to andcards Suite

  1. Open andcards.

  2. Select your preferred login method.

If you're logging in on your second device, make sure to use the same login method as your first device.

  1. If you chose login with Facebook or Google, give andcards permission to access your account, and you will be immediately redirected back to your andcards account.

  2. If you chose login with phone number, select the country of your phone number. Fill in your phone number without country code.

  3. Wait for SMS with 4-digit passcode and enter it. There is no button to press, just wait to be logged in.

Join Coworking Space

  1. Press Join Workspace button and enter workspace tag.

"Workspace tag" is a unique joining code for each coworking space. Ask manager or look for "Join us on andcards Suite" sign. Administrator can contact andcards support to change the workspace tag.

  1. Press Search and the organization details will display below the search bar. Verify that it is the right coworking space.

  2. Press Request to join button at the bottom of the page. All coworking spaces you requested to join will be displayed on My Workspaces page.

  3. Once an administrator approves your request, you'll receive a push notification. Just reopen andcards Suite to access your coworking space.

Administrators receive a push notification to approve or reject each request.


Booking Meeting Rooms

  1. Navigate to Bookings page that displays a list of all rooms.

  2. Identify a room you need by availability indicator, seat count and price.

Administrator can change all meeting room settings, such as seat count, price, and minimum booking time.

  1. Select the meeting room and select a free slot on the calendar.

  2. Fill in New booking form: start time, end time, title, notes, and payment method. Depending on your organization settings, some options may not be available.

Administrator can book on behalf of another member of an organization. Payment for booking will be charged to the selected member.

  1. Complete booking by pressing a big blue button at the bottom of the booking page.

Booking with Credits

Some coworking spaces may use credits for room booking. Credits are a kind of virtual currency and look like emoji: ⭐️, 💎 or 🍑.

Getting Credits

There are three ways to get credits:

  • Subscribe to an individual monthly membership plan for automated credit delivery.

  • Join a team with a membership plan and shared credit account.

  • Ask administrator or moderator (community manager) to manually add credits to your account.

Administrator can adjust credit balance from user or team page in Directory.

Types of Credits

There are two types of credits:

  • Permanent credits — manually added by administrator or moderator. Never expire.

  • Temporary credits — received automatically with a membership plan. Expire at the end of the month or together with a membership plan.

Administrator can adjust how temporary credits are received and expired in Settings.

Using Credits

When you book a meeting room, individual and/or team credits will be displayed as a payment option. Each meeting room displays hourly credit price. Make sure you have enough credits to complete booking. If you cancel booking before it starts, 100% of credits will be refunded. If you cancel booking made with temporary credits, credits will be refunded only if their expiration date hasn't passed.

Booking with Cards

If Billing System is enabled for your coworking space, you will see an option to pay with card in New booking page.

Administrator can contact to enable Billing System

Adding Cards

Add a check or credit card by filling in details. Double check that your card belongs to one of the supported payment systems. After one successful purchase, your card will be saved for easy 1-click payments. If you'd like to remove a saved card, contact andcards support.

Using Cards

Some cards require 3-D Secure procedure to confirm payment. In such case, you will see Confirm Payment button that opens a browser page with your bank's confirmation dialogue. After a successful 3-D Secure confirmation, the browser page will redirect back to andcards Suite and "Booking successful" alert will be displayed.

If 3-D Secure confirmation was successful but redirect didn't happen, proceed as follows:

  • Manually close the browser page.

  • Return to andcards Suite.

  • Close the New booking page.

  • Wait for a few minutes to see your booking show up on calendar.

Some banks put a short timeout on 3-D Secure confirmation process, and you may see an error message or a failed redirect. In such cases please follow the steps above to return to calendar and if your booking doesn't show up within 2-3 minutes, try again.

If you cancel booking made with cards, the transaction will not be cancelled automatically. Ask administrator or moderator for a refund.

Booking with Cash

Administrators and moderators can use cash payment method to track if a user has already paid at the counter. We'll update user's Cash balance to reflect how much they owe to pay at the counter.

Check Payment received if a user already paid. The transaction will display as approved and user's balance will remain 0.

Uncheck Payment received if a user hasn't paid yet. The transaction will display as "pending" and user's balance will become negative.

Booking for Free

Administrators and moderators can book any room for free.

Managing Bookings

Bookings page displays two upcoming bookings. All My Bookings page displays all past and upcoming bookings. Export to Calendar page allows to set up export of bookings into member's personal calendar.

Editing a Booking

  1. Open a booking.

  2. Press Edit in navigation bar in top right corner.

  3. Edit start date, starting time, title or memo.

  4. Press Save.

Deleting a Booking

  1. Open a booking.

  2. Press Delete at the bottom of the page.

  3. Confirm deletion in dialogue.

Administrator or moderator can edit or delete any booking.

Exporting Bookings to Calendar

You can view all bookings made on andcards in your personal calendar. Copy the link provided on Export to Calendar page and follow instructions in your personal calendar to subscribe.

Important! Keep the link private. Anyone with the link can view your bookings.

Google Calendar may take up to 12 hours to display changes to your andcards bookings due to Google's caching mechanisms.

If something doesn't work, or you accidentally made the link public, press Generate a new link to receive a new link.

  1. Open your booking and find Link to booking section.

  2. Copy the link and share with another person. This link is dynamic: it'll open in app (if installed) or web.

Room Settings

Administrators can see detailed room usage statistics and change room settings.

Room Statistics

  1. Open a room calendar.

  2. Press Statistics button on navigation bar in top right corner.

  3. Select desired period.

Room Settings

  1. Open a room calendar.

  2. Press Information button on navigation bar in top right corner.

  3. Press Edit button on navigation bar in top right corner.

  4. Change settings of a room and provide description.

Name is your facility's title.

Seats is how many people can fit into a room.

Credits is hourly price to book the room using individual or team credits (if Credit System is enabled in Settings).

Price is hourly price to book the room using real currency (if Billing System is enabled in Settings).

Min time is minimum time to reserve the room. If min time is set to 2 hours, the room can't be booked from 10:00 to 11:00, but can be booked from 10:00 to 12:00 and longer.

Max time is maximum time to reserve the room. If the max time is set to 5 hours, the room can't be booked from 10:00 to 16:00, but can from 10:00 to 15:00 and shorter.

Public Access displays the room on your organization's andcards Spaces page.

Description is any text you'd like to display to your members.

Room Display

You can use andcards Kiosk room display app to automatically display all bookings at the room door on tablets.


Membership page allows to purchase coworking space membership plan and view credit and cash balances.

Administrator or moderator can add membership plans.


Directory page allows you to browse all coworking community members.

Administrators or moderators can press ··· on any card to view Manage membership page. This page allows to adjust member privileges, credit and cash balances.


A guild is a group of members. Each guild has emoji identifier and name.

Administrators and moderators can create guilds, add or remove members.


Feed page is where all the community posts show up. Every time there's a new post we'll send you a push notification.

Administrators or moderators can create, edit or delete posts. Administrators can allow all members to create posts.


Settings page contains all app and workspace related settings. Workspace settings section has title of your coworking space. You can view all coworking space information in section.

Administrator can change coworking space information, such as name, address, description, minimum required personl information, and other. Keep in mind that general coworking space info will also be updated on