To add a desk on andcards, follow these steps:

Open Desks and press See All.

Press Add Desk in the top right.

Enter desk information:
Desk photo in 2 x 1 format. On a desk button the image will be cropped to square and centered. On a booking page it'll show uncropped.
Desk name.
Desk description that will appear on booking page. You can include any important information your customers need to know before a booking.
Seats. Seat numbers are not unique across all desks. Seats can not be deleted after the desk is created (only deactivated).
Payment methods for booking a desk. All prices are per seat per day.
Limited Access. Allow only certain companies to access the desk.
Visibility. Manage global access to the desk by making it visible to administrators only, location, entire network of spaces, or public (anyone who downloaded your app.)

Press Save.

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