If you are running multiple locations, you can add them to andcards. Each location has a separate community, currency, language, settings, and administrators.

Add a location

In order to manage the locations, navigate to the Product Settings > Locations. Any administrator can view the list and address of all locations, but only a product administrator can make modifications. Compare administrator roles

As a product administrator, you can add a location:

Press on Add Location and enter location details:
Name — the name of your location.
Language — the default location language as used for newly invited members.
Timezone — the timezone of the location.
Currency — a currency used for all prices in the location.
Press "Create".

Location sorting

Locations are sorted alphabetically on the main screen in order of priority:

Locations where a user has an administrator role.
Locations where a user has a member role.
All other locations.

Edit a location

To modify your location settings follow the steps below.

Open Information page of the location and press Edit.
Make your changes and press "Save"

If the property you want to change isn't available on Information page, contact us to change it.

If you are not an administrator of the location, you can easily become one: press on (...) button next to the necessary location on Product Settings > Locations page and choose "Become Administrator".

Delete a location

To delete a location press on (...) button next to the necessary location on Product Settings > Locations page and choose Delete.

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