To regulate the activity of your users, you are required to add Terms of Use (EULA) to your app. Adding Terms of Use helps set boundaries and provide transparency about how how users interact with your apps. The provision of Terms of Use is a required prerequisite to publish your apps to Apple and Google app stores.

What should terms include

Terms of Use should:

Describe who is allowed to use your apps.
Describe how can users use your apps.
Define objectionable content (pornography, terrorism, violence, hate speech, drugs, fake news).
Clearly state that users are not allowed to share objectionable content on Stream and other parts of the app.
Outline how to alert administrators of violations. You can recommend users to go to Support page and report an issue.
Include any other rules and regulations relevant to your business.

You can use a service like Avodocs to create your own terms and should consult your own legal representative to advise you of what is required.

How to add terms

Go to your app.
Open Product Settings > General > Terms of Use.
Paste the text of your terms of use. If you cannot past the text here, contact your product administrator.
Save your changes.

Where terms appear

Your terms appear in the following places:

The Terms of Use page during the new user onboarding. Users must accept your privacy policy and we save the date of consent.
The Account page of your app.
Your Google Play Store app listing.
Your Apple App Store app listing.

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