There are two kinds of administrators in your app: 

A product administrator is responsible for managing the product and is a single point of contact for andcards in your organization. The product administrator can be only be transferred to another administrator (of a location). There can only be one product administrator per account.
An administrator is responsible for managing a location.

The product administrator and location administrator roles are completely unrelated and have different sets of permissions. 

The product administrator can: 

Create or delete locations.
Change Product Settings.
Connect app-level integrations (ex. Google Analytics, Intercom, Twilio)
Use Customer Portal.

When a product administrator creates a new location, they become an administrator of this location by default. Assign administrator role to someone else.

To check who has a product administrator's role, navigate to the main page of your app > locate Product Settings page on the left panel on the web or (...) menu top right on the mobile > General

The administrator can: 

Manage the location.
Invite members.
Create and manage rooms, desks, events, services, and other objects.
Edit location on the Information page

To check who has an administrator's role, navigate to Community > choose "Members" tab and find members with a star shield label next to their name. 

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