To create an event follow the steps:

Go to Events. If you don't see such page, go to Settings > Events and enable the feature.
Press "More" button top right and select Create event.
Fill in event details:
Name—event name.
Location—a venue of your event.
Starts—event starting date and time.
Ends—event ending date and time.
Description—relevant details of your event. Supports markdown text formatting for bold, italic, and anchor links.
Limited Attendees—enable to limit the maximum number of users who can join the event.
Confirmation Email—enable for event attendees to receive the confirmation via email about the event they applied. Customize the text of the email that event attendees will receive.
Application Type—choose how users apply for the event (no application, link, purchase).
Limited Locations—choose whether the event appears across multiple locations of your network.
Visibility—choose who can see the event. Understand and use visibility settings.
Press Create

To sell tickets to events and check-in the event attendee, we highly recommend you choose "Purchase" in the application type. If your event is paid, please, specify the price in credits and money. If your event is free, turn off the "Credits" and "Money" options. In this case, your members will still have the possibility to get to the event for free but receive the ticket to check in later.

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