Your app gives the possibility to download custom reports that is a useful tool to gather real-time statistics just in a few seconds. It is available on the Analytics page for all locations by default and can be accessed only by administrators. 

Create Report

Creating custom reports (in CSV file format) with such data as: 

Community members
Room Bookings

In order to download a custom report, locate Create Report at the top right and choose the report type. 

Community: download the list of the community members with their full names, email and phone number info, all the data about their plans and companies. 

Room Bookings: select the room from the drop-down to create a report only for 1 room or choose "Not selected" to download the data for all rooms at once. Feel free to adjust the time range as you like and view room booking start and end date, its duration, booker name, payment type, and many more. 

Transactions: download transactions by type (money and credits) or per company. If you wish to download data per all companies, choose "Not selected" in the "Company" tab. Transactions report allows you to view all the monetary and credits transactions with date, the amount deducted and refunded, currency, creator full name, and its company. 

Visitors: a perfect instrument for lead generation and receiving information of each visitor about their check-in and check-out time, duration of the visit, visitors' full names, and contact info including the information about their host. Learn more about visitor management.

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