You can provide company managers with the authority to edit the company billing details, company email, and company bill spending options. 

Enable editing billing details:

In order to do it, follow these steps: 

Navigate to Settings > Membership.

Turn on "Edit Billing Details".

Right after this, your company managers are able to navigate to Membership >  go to Settings below their company name > press (...) menu top right > press "Edit" to make the changes. 

Edit Billing:

The company manager can add the billing information that will appear in their invoices, insert an additional billing email to send bills and receipts to. 

Spending Options:

If the "Company Bill" as a payment method is enabled in the plan by the administrator, the company manager can manage what exactly the company members can buy with this bill. Company bill spending options are the following:

Desk Booking
Room Booking

The company manager can disable only those spending options that were initially enabled by the administrator. Selecting what company members can purchase with a company bill doesn't apply to company managers. 

Note: only the company manager can add and edit a company email on Membership > Settings page. Meanwhile, any location administrator can edit the company billing details on Community > pick a company > (...) menu at the top right > "Edit". All the changes applied here by a location administrator are backward compatible and reflected for the company manager as well. 

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