Your app has Payments page that allows both administrators and members to have better control over the payments in the app. 

For administrators:

Admins go to Community > pick a member/a company > Payments page. Admins can see:

The payment methods added by the member or company manager.
The payment method saved by default.
Transactions page of this member or company.
Stripe Customer page.

For members and company managers:

Members and company managers go to Membership > Payments and do the following: 

Add a payment method, update it and save by default.
View the individual and company transactions.
Grant payment method permissions for a company.

How to add a payment method:

Members or company managers go to Membership > Payments.
Press "Add" under the "Payment Methods" tab and input card details.
Press "Save".

How to save default payment method:

Once the card is added to Payments page, locate the (...) menu next to this card > press "Set a Default". 

The default card is used for automatic bill payments. Pay by bill

Note! Adding a card manually on Payments page is available if you have Stripe or WayForPay connected to your location. Adding a bank account and paying with it for bills is possible only for Stripe integration if you asked our support team to enable ACH, SEPA or BECS for you. Accept payments with Stripe

How to delete a payment method:

Members or company managers go to Membership > Payments.
If the payment method wasn't set as a default, then find (...) next to it > press "Delete". If the payment method was set a default, add a new payment method, make it default, and then the "Delete" button will become available for the previous default payment method.

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