Visitor management allows members to preregister guests, approve unregistered guests, and get arrival notifications. Visitors use the self-service visitor display at the reception desk to check in and out. To get started, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Enable Visitors

To enable andcards Visitors, follow the steps:

Go to Settings > Visitors.

Enable "Visitors":
Visibility — who can see Visitors page.
Check Out — select whether you want visitors to check out.

Press Save.

Your members will discover  Visitors page and will be able to invite visitors and approve visit requests.

Step 2. Turn on visitor display

Download your branded mobile app to any supported tablet device (screen size above 7 inch) and follow the steps below.

Login with administrator account.
Go to Visitors > press Maximize button top right.

Use iPadOS Guided Access or Android's Screen Pinning to prevent people from exiting the visitor display mode.

Visitors can use visitor display to check in and out.

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