Your app allows you to control how your members receive and pay bills. 

Understand Auto-Pay and Auto-Bill

Auto-Pay and Auto-Bill properties allow you to automatically send bills and collect payments. You can set at a member or a company level. 

Auto-Bill automatically generates bills making them ready for payment at the end of each billing cycle. Auto-Bill can be set upon assigning or editing a plan. Use membership plans

Auto-Pay automatically charges bill fees to the default payment method on file. As a prerequisite, you should have a payment gateway connected and members/companies must add a default payment method. Explore Payments page.

Manage Auto-Pay

Auto-Pay property is always enabled by default and works only if a member or a company have Auto-Bill on. To manage Auto-Pay, do the following:

Go to Community > select a member or a company.
Press "Edit" top right and set the desired value for Auto-Pay.
Press "Save".

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