Your members can be grouped into companies.

Company members and managers

Companies can have members and managers.

How to add company members?

Your app offers you several ways of adding a member to a company:

To add a member to a company, go to Community > pick a member > press on "Select Company"  > choose a company from the list.

To add a member to a company, follow these steps:

Open Community and pick a company. If you haven't yet, create a company.
Press Add button below the name if you want to select already existing members from the app. Press Invite button to invite a new member to your app and auto-assign them to this company.
Your company members can invite a new member to your app on the Membership > Members page. Once they send the invitation, you can approve or reject it on the Community page through the "Requests" tab. With the request approved, the new member will be added to your app and assigned to the company that invited them automatically. Please, note that in this way only new members who haven't been added to the app before can be invited.

How to remove company members?

To remove the company member navigate to Community > pick a company > locate (...) menu at the top right corner of the member's name and press on Remove .

How to add or remove company managers?

First, add the person to this company. Then follow these steps:

Locate the (...) menu next to the company member and press on it.
Press Make Manager .

To remove the company manager, simply press on (...) menu next to this user and choose  Make Member or Remove (to remove from the company completely). 

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