Your application comes with the support of multiple languages. The language is defined independently for your locations and for user devices. 

Location Language

The language of your location is used for:

Payment gateway transaction descriptions (in your payment gateways' dashboard).
Bills sent to a company email.
Emails sent to benefit and service providers.
The default language for membership invitations. If you want to change the language of a specific member invitation, you can choose any other language on the invite page.
Emails for visit invitations.
Emails to visitors' hosts with visit requests for approval or rejection.

To change the location language, administrators do the following: 

Navigate to Settings > General.
Choose the preferred language in the "Language" property and press Save.

Application Language

The application language is selected by users and doesn't depend on a location language. The app language is defined separately for each platform. Setting up the application language allows you to view all pages of your web or mobile app on this particular language. 

Web App

Go to the Account page by pressing a button with your profile image, initials, or the user icon, on the main page of the app.
Navigate to the Language page.
Select the language and press "Save".

Note. Browser's preferred language is used for external users that haven't logged in and the landing page.

Mobile Apps

The language of your mobile app depends on the language of your device. 

iOS and iPadOS. Go to your device's Settings > select your app > change language under the "Preferred Language" section.
macOS. The language is inherited from your system's preferences. Change macOS preferred languages
Android. The language is inherited from Android settings. Change Android system language

Account Language

Account language influences the language of your web app, but it doesn't influence the language of your mobile app. To change the account language, go to the Account page (by pressing a button with your profile image, initials, or the user icon, on the main page of the app) > Language. Account language is needed to define in what language the user can receive email notifications upon events, benefits, and service applications. Please, note that members receive email notifications in the language of their account setup on the web app. 

Add More Languages

You can translate andcards into your own language with community translations.

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