Members and administrators can preregister visits for speedy check in.

How to preregister visits

To preregister a visit, follow the following steps.

Go to Visitors page.
Tap Register Visit top right.

Fill in visit details:
First name
Last name
Email — used for sending visit details.
Phone number
Visit date — visit code is valid only on the selected date.

Press Register.

Upon registration, a visitor will get an email with a 6-digit visit code. The code is used for check in and out at the visitor display. If the code is lost, it can be viewed by inviting member on visit details page.

How to approve visit requests

If a visitor comes without preliminary registration, they can request approval using the visitor display.

The receiving member (host) will get a push notification prompting to review the request. 

If a visit request is approved, a visitor receives an email with visit details. If visit request is rejected, a visitor is notified of rejection by email. If no action is taken, the visit request remains on Requests page.

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