Your coworking space app allows you to sell credits to members through Membership > Credits page.

Connect a payment system

Credits can be purchased with money or bill payment methods. If you'd like to sell credits for money, connect a payment gateway first as described below. 

If you use Stripe, go to Settings > Stripe and connect your account. If you use another available payment gateway, make sure to connect it in Settings.

If you’d like to let members buy credits and include expense into a bill, enable the bill as a payment method when assigning a plan

Add credit options

Add all credit options you want to sell on  Community page:

Community > (...) menu > Credit Options

Create your credit options by pressing + button top right:
Type a number of credits that will be received after the purchase.
Type price.
Press "Save."

Once location administrators add credit options, they will appear for members on the Membership > Credits page. Only members can buy credits. Non-members need to join your location first.

How members buy credits

Individual members go to Membership > Credits, select an option under "Buy Credits" section, and complete the payment. 

Company managers and company members go to Membership >  Credits (under the company name), select an option under "Buy Credits" section, and complete the payment. 

Note! Company members can purchase company credits only if the company manager gave them permission to use the corporate card. Manage payment method permissions

Members can pay by card (if you connected a payment system), bill (if you enabled the bill as a payment method), or get options for free (if you gave a 100% discount in a plan). Credits are added to the member or company account immediately upon successful payment. Individual or company members get a push notification that credits are added.

If a bank card was used to get credits, the record of the payment appears on Community > pick a member/a company > Payments >**Transactions** page. Please note that only company managers can buy credits for a company. Company members can buy personal credits only.

If a bill was used as a payment method, the new item will be added to an active bill on the member’s or company’s profile on Community > Bills page. 

Members and company managers can see the associated credits accrual record on Membership > Credits > Transactions page. Permanent personal and company credits are available for purchase. Credit purchases can't be canceled or auto-refunded.

How to analyze credits purchase

You may use Analytics to gather data about credits purchases to analyze it. Specifically, the "Revenue by Source" chart will display the total revenue from credits on a monthly basis.

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