Your coworking space app allows you to sell products to members through the Shop page.


Products can be sold for credits or money. If you sell for credits, move to the next chapter. If you'd like to sell products for money, connect a payment gateway on the Settings page of your location.

Add products and options

Add products you want to sell to the  Shop page.

To enable payments for a certain product, follow these steps:

Set "Order Type" property to "Purchase".
Provider and manager emails are used for an order purchase confirmation. You may indicate the emails of administrators responsible for product delivery.
Confirmation email allows you to include a custom text into the product purchase receipt sent to members upon a successful purchase. Use it to explain how and when the order will be delivered.
Add product options. An option is an item that members buy. Every option has the following properties:
Title — a name of the option item that members select to buy.
Description — a detailed description of the option item. Describe product characteristics and/or any information members need to know before the purchase. Option description appears below Options selector on a shop details page.
Credits — if you use a credit system, you can specify the price of the option item in credits. Members will be able to use individual or company credits.
Money — price of option item in your local currency. Members will be able to purchase a product through the connected payment gateway or add expense into an upcoming bill.
Press Save to save your changes.

How members buy products

Members open Shop page, find a product they want to get, select an option to purchase, and complete the payment. If confirmation email is enabled, immediately upon a successful payment, members get an email confirmation.

If individual credits or money were used to get an order, the record of the payment appears on Transactions page on member's profile in Community. If company credits or a bill were used, the record appears on Transactions page under company's profile in Community. Every member or company manager can see the product purchase record on the Membership page.

How to analyze Shop payments

You may use Analytics to gather data about orders from Shop to analyze them. Download custom report per transactions to filter orders from Shop there.

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