andcards integration with Google Calendar allows synchronizing new and updated room bookings made by all app users into a selected calendar in real-time.

How to enable Google Calendar integration

To enable Google Calendar with andcards follow these steps:

Open your app and go to SettingsGoogle.
Connect your Google account and provide permission to read and write into your calendars.
Go to Rooms > select a room > press  top right > press "More" top right and select "Edit."
Find Google Calendar section and select a calendar to sync all bookings into.
Press "Save."

How Google Calendar integration works

Every time anyone books the calendar-connected room, the associated record appears on the selected calendar in real-time. The calendar record contains a booking title and a booker's full name. The sync occurs every time there is a change in a room's calendar on andcards.

Bookings created before connecting the calendar are not synchronized unless updated.

All bookings by all users are synchronized according to your settings. The synchronization is one-way, so your changes to records in your own calendar app won't reflect on andcards.

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