Visibility settings allow you to set up who can see your app content and pages. You can set up visibility of app pages and app content separately.

Visibility levels

There are five visibility levels:

Administrators — only the location administrators.
Company Members — only members of the same company can view information.
Location Members — members see the object in their location of membership.
Network Members — any member of any location within your network of locations.
Public — any user who downloaded your app.

How to set up visibility

To set up page visibility, follow the steps:

Go to Settings > open feature.
Locate "Visibility" dropdown and select the desired value. Not all visibility levels are available for every page.
Press Save.

The following pages have visibility controls:



Content does not inherit page visibility settings. In other words, if you set Rooms page visibility to "Public," it will not make all rooms publicly visible. Every room has its own visibility controls (default — network). Rooms, desks, events, and other app content visibility settings are available in content editing mode.
If your app content was shared by your member using "Share" button on Rooms, Stream, Events, Benefits, Services pages, it's still visible only according to the visibility level available for this user: "Public" — for everyone, "Location Members" — only to the members of this location, etc.

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