Your coworking space app allows automating billing through plans.

A bill can contain some of the following items:

Recurring membership fees from the assigned membership plan
Recurring add-ons added upon the plan
Upcoming bill items for the next day, week, or month (according to the plan period)
Manually added one-off fees.
Fees resulting from the company's use of the optional "Company Bill" payment method.

To use billing, follow the instructions below.

Assign a plan

To enable billing for a company or a member, first, assign a plan.

Plan name and add-on names will be used for the bill items added from the plan. Consider a plan name and add-on names your customers will recognize.

Create "New Add-on" to automatically create the bill item that will be recurring during all the plan period as many times as the plan is repeated.
Specify price for the plan to automatically create the bill item for recurring membership fees.
Enable "Auto-Bill" to finalize the bill and alert a customer that it's time to pay.
Enable "Company Bill" or "Personal Bill" as a payment method. Members will be able to include various expenses into an upcoming bill. If you want, you may restrict a company bill to be used by company managers only.

Send the first bill

Once you assign a plan with a price stated, your app will create the first bill and auto-include the plan item and add-ons (if they were previously created). You can either send it to a company manager for payment by pressing on "Make Ready for Payment" or delete it. 

If you press "Make Ready for Payment," a member or a company manager will receive an email and a push notification to pay. If you enable "Auto-Bill" in a plan, a bill will be made ready for payment automatically when the plan starts. If "Auto-Bill" is enabled in the plan for the future date, you can still manually finalize the bill earlier than the plan starts. 

If a member presses  Pay, they are taken to the bill payment page:

Once the payment is confirmed, the bill is automatically marked as paid.

Billing cycles for prepaid and postpaid expenses are demonstrated by the diagram below.

Manually add one-off bill items

Follow the steps below.

Go to Community > Companies or Members
Open a profile and tap Bills.
Select an unfinished bill and tap Create Item. Type item name and value. The item name will appear on the bill.
Press "Make Ready for Payment" to finalize the bill and send it to the member or company manager for payment. It's not possible to finalize the bill if no items were added.

Adding one-off expenses is only possible for bills that weren't yet finalized and sent for payment. 

Enable bill as a payment method

"Company Bill" or "Personal Bill" payment methods allow to include room, desk, event, credits and service fees into an upcoming bill. To enable a bill as a payment option, follow the steps below.

Go to Community > Companies or Members.
Select a profile and locate the "Plan" section.
If a plan isn't assigned yet, tap Assign and configure the plan. Enable "Company Bill" or "Personal Bill" payment method at the bottom of the Assign plan page.
If a plan is already assigned, tap the plan button, scroll down to the "Payment Methods" section, and enable the "Company Bill" or "Personal Bill" option.
Optionally, you may restrict company bill for company managers' use only.

Once a plan starts, company members will immediately see the "Company Bill" or "Personal Bill" payment option:

Members can review the upcoming bill in real-time on Membership > Bills page:

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