Public visibility is one of five visibility options your app has. The option allows any external user to view the content of your app, book, and pay easily.

Enable Public Visibility

Decide what content you want to offer not only to members but to any user who downloaded your app.
Connect payment gateway to receive the payments. For example, Stripe.
Set "Visibility" property to "Public" for the desired page. Then make the necessary content of this page public as well.
Share the link to your app on the marketing website, social media, etc.

Use Cases

There are multiple use cases of public visibility for your business. For example: 

External Room Booking

Enable public visibility for specific rooms to allow external customers to view and book rooms. To shorten the customer journey, put the direct link to the meeting room's calendar on your website so users could just follow the link, check the availability, and book. External bookings converge onto the same calendar, so there are no booking conflicts.

External Desk Booking

You can easily sell day passes and on-demand desk booking by making the Desks page and only necessary desks public. Share the link to the Desks page on your marketing resource and let your customers book faster.  

Event Tickets for Non-Members

Sell tickets for events to any user, not just your members.

Users can discover the content on the  Events page, view what's coming and what's passed, apply for free, with a link, or buy passes. Sending email confirmations and adding events to the calendar is available for non-members. Administrators can view the list of people and check in attendees.

Selling Products and Services to Non-Members

You can sell one month hot or fixed desk, small office furniture, cafe and bar items, and anything else. Create products on Shop page, make them public, and start accepting payments. Right upon a successful payment, the manager receives the email with the customer's details to deliver the service.

Issue Reporting for Non-Members

Making the Support module public allows even non-members to reach out and ask any questions. For example, it's a great chance for new customers to contact you asking about the memberships you offer, when they can join you, and how to find your space to visit. Get started with support

Creating Public Posts in Stream

Enabling public visibility for Stream allows you to show your posts not only for members but for all external customers too. You can allow all public users to comment and post as well. If you don't wish to do so, feel free to restrict the permission to post, comment, and view comments on the Settings > Stream page. 


Viewing public content without logging in is possible on the web and even branded mobile apps. andcards-branded mobile apps don't show the public content.
For security, users still need to log in just before booking or buying anything.
Any app users (members and non-members) can share the content of your app that is visible for them: any content on such pages as Rooms, Stream, Events, Benefits, Services has a "Share" button at the top right and is available for both web and mobile apps. Please note that only public content that was shared can be viewed by external customers.
If you have any page publicly available, then the Information page becomes visible for all public users too.

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