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Create custom reports
Create custom reports
Download your data at any time with the help of custom reports.
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Reports are available to location administrators on the web and mobile application's Analytics page.

Create a report

Creating custom reports (in CSV file format) with such data as:

  • Community members

  • Desk Bookings

  • Event attendees

  • Invoice items

  • Room Bookings

  • Transactions

  • Shop Orders

  • Support Tickets

  • Visitors

To download a custom report, go to Analytics > locate Create Report at the top right and choose the report type.

You can download the custom reports from both web and mobile apps.

Types of reports

Community: download the list of the community members with their full names, contact details, and all the data about their plans and companies.

Desk Bookings: adjust the time range and download a report with the desk booking date, desk title, number of seats booked, booker's full name, company title, and contact details.

Events: download the list of event attendees with their full names, contact details, company title, event joined, and date of joining the event.

Invoice Items: create a custom report for a specified time range to see the invoice item type and description, the invoice issue date, the customer's full name, contact details, the invoice item tax, and other data points.

Room Bookings: select the room from the drop-down to create a report only for one room or choose "Not selected" to download the data for all rooms at once. Adjust the time range as you like, and view room booking start and end date, duration, owner's full name, payment type, company title, and many more.

Transactions: download transactions by type (money and credits) or per company. Create a report for one company or choose "All" to download the data for all companies at once. Transactions report allows you to view all the monetary and credit transactions with date, the amount deducted and refunded, currency, creator's and owner's full name, and company.

Orders: download a report with your Shop orders to see the product and option titles, the date of order, the customer's personal details, and the payment details.

Support Tickets: adjust the time range and download a list of tickets to see the ticket number, creation date, ticket type, status, description, requester's full name, company title and many more.

Visitors: download the list of visitors or your contacts during the required timeframe. View their visit or contact creation date, check names, emails and many more.

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