Assign an owner role
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Your app has the role of owner. The owner is responsible for managing the entire app and is a single point of contact for andcards in your organization. Your app can have only one owner.

The owner's role is always assigned to a particular team member during the first onboarding with andcards.

What the owner can do

  • Manage Customer Portal and subscription with andcards.

  • Update web and mobile app icons.

  • Update the web app description, privacy, and terms of use.

  • Add and delete locations.

  • Manage app appearance.

  • Manage Chats.

How to check who has the owner role

All administrators can check who is an owner of the app by navigating to Network Settings > General > "Owner" section.

If you can edit everything on the Network Settings > General page, it means that you have an owner's role.

How to assign an owner role

To delegate the owner role to another person, do the following:

  1. Make sure the person you're going to delegate the owner role already has an administrator role in one of your locations.

  2. Go to Network Settings > General > select a new owner.

  3. Confirm your choice.

Consider making an actual person the owner, not a general team inbox (e.g., [email protected]). The owner's role allows for making changes and accessing your billing, so it is a good practice to encourage personal accountability.

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