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Accept payments with WayForPay
Accept payments with WayForPay
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WayForPay integration allows you to receive payments in your coworking space app.

🌍 WayForPay is available in Ukraine.

Connect WayForPay

To activate WayForPay go to Locations > Settings > WayForPay and press "Connect".

You will need to enter your "Merchant Login" and "Merchant Security Key". After that, press "Connect".

To make sure WayForPay saves the card after each payment in the app, upon registration of your WayForPay account, please, ask WayForPay support to enable the option робота з токенами.

Configure WayForPay

You can activate payments for the following products:

  • Room bookings

  • Desk bookings

  • Event tickets

  • Shop products

  • Credit Packages

  • Invoices

How WayForPay works

The integration adds a new payment method "Money" to the "Payment Methods" section around your app. Members selecting the "Money" payment method are redirected to the WayForPay payment page and can use any of the payment methods you enabled for your account. If members pay by a bank card, your application saves it to the Locations > Membership > Payments page for quick payments. The default payment method is used for auto-pay.

Identify app transactions in WayForPay

You can easily find the transaction from your app in the WayForPay dashboard using the following unique identifiers:

  • ID — coincides with Order Reference in the WayForPay dashboard. You can copy the ID of the transaction from the "Transactions" custom report.

  • Time — coincides with the date and time of the transaction in the WayForPay dashboard.

  • Description — the types of purchases users make in the app, such as room bookings, desk bookings, Shop orders, etc.

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