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Sync users and grant access using SALTO KS
Sync users and grant access using SALTO KS
SALTO KS integration registers your app's users in the SALTO KS dashboard and grants access automatically.
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How to enable SALTO KS integration

To enable SALTO KS with andcards, have your SALTO KS and andcards accounts ready. Then follow these steps:

  1. Open your app and go to Locations > Settings > SALTO KS.

  2. Press Connect and permit to connect SALTO KS with andcards.

  3. Select a Site. You will see all SALTO KS sites where you have an administrator role. By default, no site is selected.

How to grant access to users

To let your users receive access to SALTO KS with andcards, do the following:

  1. Go to your SALTO KS dashboard and create access groups with required locks.

  2. Navigate to your app > **Community** > (...) menu > **Plans**.

  3. Create a plan with a desired SALTO KS group (created specifically for andcards) by selecting it from a dropdown at the bottom of the page.

  4. Create a subscription for a user or a company.

πŸ’‘ SALTO KS groups must be managed exclusively by andcards. To sync your users successfully, create separate groups in the SALTO KS dashboard specifically for andcards and only select them in your app.

πŸ’‘ You can connect a separate SALTO KS account to a separate location on andcards.

How SALTO KS integration works

Your coworking space users become registered in your SALTO KS dashboard automatically and receive access to the access group defined in the plan. The following information is synchronized:

  • Full Name as an alias

  • Email

  • Start and end date of the plan

Once you create a subscription, a user receives an email from SALTO KS with an invitation to set up the SALTO KS account. If a subscription is created for a company, all company users receive an invitation from SALTO KS.

If a user's or a company's subscription is deactivated or expires, SALTO KS access is automatically revoked.

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