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Send invitations and Wi-Fi codes via Twilio
Send invitations and Wi-Fi codes via Twilio
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Twilio is a cloud communications platform that connects you to customers on any digital channel. The integration allows you to deliver login confirmation codes for Wi-Fi authentication and members' invitations by SMS.

Enable Twilio

To enable Twilio for your application, follow these steps:

1. As an app owner, go to Product Settings > Twilio and press Connect. If you do not see the Connect button, it means you do not have an app owner role. Go to Product Settings > General to see who your app owner is.

2. Enter integration details and confirm your choice. Learn where to find them on Twilio

3. Select a phone number that will be used to identify a sender and configure what you want SMS to be sent for: Wi-Fi login code and new member invitations.

4. Press Save.


  • For Wi-Fi codes, SMS can only be delivered if a user has indicated a phone number on the Account > Profile page.

  • For new member invitations, SMS can only be delivered if an administrator has indicated a member's phone number upon inviting a member. SMS for member invitations includes what location the member was invited to, the link to log in, and what email was used.

  • SMS does not replace email β€” your members will receive confirmation codes and invitations to both places.

  • Only confirmation codes for Wi-Fi login are delivered by SMS. For security reasons, confirmation codes to log in to your web or mobile application are sent by email only.

  • If SMS is not arriving, ensure you have a sufficient account balance in Twilio.

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