Create an event
You can curate an events feed at your coworking space using the Events page
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To create an event, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Locations > Events. If you don't see the page, go to Locations > Settings > Events and enable the feature.

  2. Press the + icon the top right corner to create an event and configure it:

Cover photo

An image in 2Γ—1 ratio


The name of the event


The venue of your event


Event start date and time


Event end date and time


Relevant details about your event

Limited Attendees

Enable to limit the number of attendees


If enabled, your customers will be able to join the event


Indicate ticket prices in β˜† and money

Refund Policy

Select whether tickets are refundable. Automatic refunds will be issued for tickets canceled before the selected time.

Confirmation Email

Enable it for event attendees to receive an email confirmation about the event they joined

Press the Create button after configuring your event to create it.

πŸ’‘ If you create a public event, the visibility of the Events page must be set to "Public."

How to create paid events

Upon creating an event, keep "Joining" turned on and specify the price in money or credits. Once you save the changes, users will be able to purchase tickets.

How to create free events

Upon creating an event, keep "Joining" turned on and disable the "Credits" and "Money" options. Once you save the changes, your customers can join the event for free.

Event reminders

Your app sends several reminders of upcoming events to event attendees:

  • Email confirmation (if enabled in event settings) at the time of purchase

  • Push notification 24 hours before the event starts

  • Push notification 1 hour before the event starts

  • In-app banner on the Locations page until the event ends.


How to make events free for members, and paid for non-members?

To offer free event access to members and charge non-members, you can set up discounts on members' subscriptions. Simply go to the Community section, select the member or company, and configure a 100% discount for events in their subscription. Then, when creating a new event or selecting an existing one, set the regular price for non-members.

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