Understand payment methods
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Your app supports multiple payment methods.

Free or External Payment

Any location administrator can pay by choosing the "Free" payment method. "External Payment" allows administrators to record payments made outside the application. No money or credits are deducted in the case of "Free" or "External Payment" methods.

Members don't see "Free" or "External Payment" methods in the Payment section. Only administrators have access to these options.


The "Credits" payment method appears if enabled in Locations > Settings > General, and the credit price is set. Credits categorize by type and validity.

By type:

  • Personal credits are only visible and usable by individual members.

  • Company credits are only available to company members and managers.

By validity:

  • Temporary credits accrue and expire together with a plan period. Assign a plan

  • Permanent credits are purchased by users and never expire. Sell credits.

All types of credits can be manually added or charged by administrators.


"Invoice" payment methods appear if enabled in Locations > Settings > General, and the plan is assigned. Send an invoice

There are two types of invoices:

  • Personal Invoice is only available to individual members.

  • Company Invoice is available to company members and/or managers, depending on settings. Manage company members and managers.

New Payment Method

The "New Payment Method" only appears if a payment gateway is connected.

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