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To create a post on Feed, follow the steps:

1. Go to Locations > Feed and press Create top right. If you don't see Feed, go to Locations > Settings > Feed and enable it.

2. Add the contents of your post.

3. Press Post. All members of the location will immediately get notified with a push notification.

Content formatting and attachments

Text can be formatted using visual instruments or a simple markdown:

  • **two stars** to make text bold.

  • *one star* to make text italic.

  • ~~two tildes~~ to strikethrough text.

  • [anchor text](URL) to create inline hyperlinks. Make sure there's no space between ] and (. For example, [andcards Blog]( would give you andcards Blog.

  • # to create a hashtag. Pressing a hashtag filters Feed by all posts that contain the same hashtag.

You can attach one or multiple photos and videos. Any naked links within the text will have previews with cover photos.

Feed permissions

Administrators can choose who can post, view comments, and comment in your Feed according to app visibility settings on Locations > Settings > Feed.

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