Troubleshoot email delivery issues
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Sometimes your members may not be receiving emails from the app. We've gathered some tips to help you troubleshoot delivery issues with invitations to join locations and invoices.

Invitations to Join

If a member cannot find the email invitation, go to Community > select the member > inspect the "Invitation" section.

You will see a "Failed to send ..." error message if the email wasn't delivered successfully. If you do not see an error message, your app has successfully delivered the email, and the issue is on the side of the member's email inbox.

If you see an error, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the invitee's email address is correct. If you made a typo, delete the member using the Delete button and reinvite with the correct email.

  2. If the email address is correct, the member's email service provider rejects andcards emails. Sometimes corporate email inboxes have specific policies to restrict emails from new senders. Ask your member to contact their IT team if their email system is flagging andcards emails. They may want to check that emails from [email protected] are allowed.

  3. If you're on the Enterprise plan, contact us to configure a custom MAIL FROM address for your account. After this, the emails will be sent from your custom email address. In some cases, this may help resolve delivery issues.

Once your member resolves the issue, use the Resend Invite button to send the invitation again.

If you do not see an error, try these tips:

  • Ask the member to check spam folders and other email filters, just in case emails from your coworking space app are being sent there by mistake.

  • Ask the member to allow emails from your coworking space app ([email protected]) as described in point 2 above.

  • Invite the member using their alternative secondary email address, such as or


If a member cannot find the invoice sent to the email, try the following:

  • Ask the member to check if they are looking for invoice in the correct inbox. Members can always check under what email they have a registered account in the app on the Account page.

  • Double-check if the invoice was sent. Send an invoice

  • For company invoices, ensure that the company manager is selected and has a valid email address. Select company managers

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