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Add your hot desks, dedicated desks and offices

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Use the Desks page to feature all your workstations.

You can add three types of resources to the Desks page: Hot Desk, Dedicated Desk, and Office.



Usage Recommendations

Hot Desk

These are shared desks that are not dedicated to a specific person or company and must be booked daily.

  • Nonmembers book a day pass.

  • Members with weekly and monthly hot desk plans can check in on their arrival to the space by making daily bookings.

Dedicated Desk

These are not shared desks that are dedicated to particular members during their subscription period.

  • Nonmembers can book for one day to try out this product.

  • Members don't book since everyone has their dedicated seats according to their membership plan.


Dedicated physical space that is taken by one company.

  • Company members book the hybrid office on a daily basis.

  • Administrators track the occupancy of the taken and available offices.

  • Nonmembers view available offices and read more information about them in the description.

Enable Desks

To enable the Desks, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Locations > Settings > Desks.

  2. Turn on the "Desks" switch and configure the settings if needed. Manage visibility.

Add a desk

  1. Open the Desks page and click on the (...) menu in the top right corner.

  2. Select Add Desk.

Enter the desk information:

  • Desk photo in 2x1 aspect ratio. On the desk button, the image will be cropped to a square and centered. On a booking page, it'll show uncropped.

  • Type

    • Hot Desk

    • Dedicated Desk

    • Office

  • Desk name.

  • Desk description that will appear on the booking page. Include any essential information your customers need to know before booking.

  • Seating Capacity. Specify the number of seats that you allow for this desk.

  • Payment methods for booking a desk. All prices are per seat per day.

  • Limited Access. Allow only certain companies to access the desk.

  • Visibility. Manage access to the desk by making it visible to administrators, location members, network members, or the public.

3. Press Create.


How can I block off desks from bookings for several days?

In case of events or holidays, as an administrator go to Locations > Rooms and Desks page > select the necessary dates and create free bookings. As an admin, you will see a "Free" payment method and you can use it an unlimited amount of times.

How can I check the user's desk bookings in the app?

Quickly check and verify your customers' booking in any of these ways:

  1. Navigate to Locations > Desks > select a date > tap the list button at the top right. By opening a desk booking, you'll find all information about the booker.

  2. Visit the Notifications page to see all bookings according to your notification settings. Manage notifications

  3. Ask your customer to show you the booking right in their web or mobile app on the Account page > Desk Bookings > open a booking for the necessary day.

How to define the desk booking schedule for members and nonmembers?

Configure the booking schedule in your location's settings. Configure the location schedule

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