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Promote your apps
Promote your apps
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Your branded web and mobile apps greatly maximize brand awareness and customer loyalty. Also, andcards offers features to convert visitors into paying customers through your apps, such as public visibility. With your help, people will be able to find and start using your apps right away. Below, we've shared a set of recommendations for you to make it easier for people to find your apps.

Learn how to use these recommendations to onboard and activate your members better in our YouTube video.

App Links on Marketing Website

Building links to your apps help people find them easily. Consider:

  • Sharing your app links on social media.

  • Adding the "Sign Up" button to your marketing website to sell your plans.

  • Planting the "Join" or "Book" buttons throughout your marketing website.

To copy a direct link to specific content, use the Share button: go to Rooms, Shop, Events, etc., > open the resource (a room, a shop product, an event) > locate the Share button top right. People don't need to log in to view content. To copy a link to your entire app, navigate to the Account page > find the Share button at the bottom.

Google Play and App Store Badges

People can easily recognize and trust the official Google Play and App Store badges. You can use these badges in your marketing materials if you have branded mobile apps. Consider:

  • Featuring the badges on your website footer.

  • Adding the badges to your newsletters.

  • Featuring the badges in your printed materials, such as business cards, leaflets, and stickers.

  • Featuring the badges in your corporate email footer.

💡 To copy links to your mobile apps, go to Network Settings > Mobile Apps.

QR Codes to Download Apps

Wherever your members go, it's helpful to remind them your apps exist. In a kitchen to report issues, in the meeting room to book it, and in the restroom to browse your Feed. Consider:

  • Making a QR code with a dynamic link to your app and placing it as a sticker at the reception. Just point visitors to the QR code to sign up and become a member.

  • Placing a QR code with a link to Rooms on the meeting room desk to remind people to book it through the app.

  • Attaching a QR code with a link to the Support page in the kitchen, restroom, printing, and other areas prone to frequent issue reports.

  • Creating a QR code for other pages (e.g., Events, Shop) and placing it in the appropriate location. For example, a link to Events in the event space, a link to Shop on the refrigerator or bar.

Soft Launching with Events

Using your apps to organize events is a great way to generate leads and encourage people to create an account. Event registration is simple and doesn't require any micromanagement from administrators. Months before opening, you can start inviting people to your launching party, growing interest and awareness of your business offers. Consider the following steps:

  1. Create a paid event. How to create an event

  2. Tap Share to copy the event link.

  3. Share the link on your marketing website and social media and let everyone join.

  4. Track page visits with Google Analytics 4, conversion to visitors with the event attendees list, and actual attendance with event check-in.

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